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09 Feb 2013
The I-Ching is an ancient Chinese prediction and oracle tool, it is an olden source of Chinese philosophy and spiritual perception concept resulting from the yin and yang. The meaning of “Ching” is book and “I” represents the changes. It is a kind of Chinese classic text to divine people’s social relationships and finances. It is also called as the Classic of Changes and Book of Transformation. It is the olden model book that will help the people to know about their future and it also provide solution to the all kinds of problems. The importance of this book is to help people to understand their self and their life.

It is an eastern culture book and the I-Ching is primarily focused on divination, similar to the western runes. This Chinese book of wisdom explains the Chinese cultural inspiration, principles and the symbols. In this book will explain the author's thoughts understandably. The symbols are made by the ancient Chinese character and it is derived from the moon and the sun. It is also balanced the positive and negative energy to deliver the destiny life to the people. This book also contains the misfortune level in future aspects. The main idea of this book covers the dynamic balance of opposites, to assess the incident process and reception of predictability changes in people life. This will help the people to discover the positive outcomes and it is a tool that is used to search out the dimensions of complex relationship problems.


The collection of text statements in I-Ching is called as the hexagrams. These hexagrams contain sixty four sets and each set has a six lines. The vital part of the book is images and the image itself will assist the reader to aware the prospective of the book quickly. The hexagram instigated from the three lines of the trigrams. These trigrams are made by eight possible lines and the combination of broken and unbroken line offer sixty four trigrams. The eight sets of trigram to provide the different sense of meaning and the location of the line suggests the bad and good luck, this will help the Chinese to predict the classic divination.

The I-Ching hexagram may hold the three elements like a symbol, an event and decision. This hexagram indicates admonition, perception about the person's decision and it is also provided proper guideline for the people rectify their difficulty in future. The traditional book helps the people to survive their life changes occur in daily life and it will direct the people to achieve the future goal as much as possible. The older I-Ching book is fully based on the changes of life and changes of the world’s day to day cycle. This book will give details about the future course of action and it will elaborate upon the people it views in a natural way. This ancient book will help people discover their life outlook changes gracefully, and this knowledge will aid the people to learn about their future effectively. 


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